John Alexander McWhirter

November 15, 1809

Below is a photo with an almost miraculous story. One day I was searching on ebay for old photos from Mercer County. I ran across this old photo, and the first time I just passed it by because there were no names on it. Later I was drawn back to look at it again. I realized that it was an earlier photo of John McWhirter and his family with Mary Jane Garvin taken, I'm guessing abt 1880.

So, I bought the photo and did a photo fix in Paintshop to clean it up.The seller purchased the photo from an antiques dealer who had purchased it at an estate sale in Mercer. I have phoned every antique dealer I could find locally to see if there were any other photos from that estate, to no avail. The seller didn't know the name of the antique dealer.

I have a gigantic version of it if anyone wants it, in the original faded sepia or "repaired." You'd better have DSL or cable though to get it by email.

Here are blowups of the individuals in the photo:

John McWhirter, age abt 70


Mary Jane Garvin McWhirter
age abt. 57

Nancy (Nannie) McWhirter Arnold
age abt 26

Elizabeth (Lizzie) McWhirter
age abt. 22

David G. McWhirter
age abt. 28

Moral of the story search ebay frequently for your surnames and birth places.

Search under Collectibles-Photographs-Pre 1950. You might find a gold mine as well!